Meet USB93 - The ONLY cable you need


USB93 is the cable you always needed. Say goodbye to frayed, broken, slow-charging and ugly cables and say Hello to the future!



World's first Fully Flexible cable

USB93 doesn't bend, it rotates. Unique metal ball connector can rotate 90° and can hold 3 different positions; Left, bottom or straight, whatever is convenient for you. No more stressing the wires while you use your connected devices and no more buying a new cable every few months!

Straight n L in 1.jpg

The only 2-in-1 cable

Why buy 2 cables when you get the same functionality in 1? Switch from straight to L-shaped with a flick. Whether you are charging on a flat surface or docking your phone in tight spaces, you can use USB93 to suit your need by rotating the cable in the direction you want. 

Premium materials, beautiful colors

USB93 uses Nylon braiding which is flexible and durable. You also get colors to match your style. Go ahead and make a fashion statement with USB93!


Fast charging

USB93 supports up to 2.4A charging. Spend less time charging and more time using your devices.